Friday Five

Friday Five

Since this week has been a long one, I opted to go with a Friday Five, short list.

  1. Sunday was a bad day. A temperature of 103.6 will just knock the heck out of you!
  2. All I did was lie under a mound of covers and shake, and drift in and out of a troubled sleep.
  3. I have not had much of an appetite. But my thirst has been shocking. I suppose it’s from the coughing, and breathing out of my mouth so much.
  4. I saw my doctor for the second time, and he switched the antibiotics and said if I am not worlds better by Monday, He’ll be referring me to another doctor.
  5. So over the next few days I plan to rest, watch my Christmas movie and sleep a lot.

One thought on “Friday Five”

  1. So sorry you’re so sick Maribeth. I hope you get plenty of rest and feel lots better by the end of the weekend. Savannah’s Christmas dress is precious!

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