Friday Five

Friday Five

Here is this weeks episode of Friday Five!

  1. I got my tooth fixed! It turns out that my bite was terribly off, causing me discomfort!
  2. When I woke on Thursday it was already snowing. It snowed all day Thursday and as I write on Thursday night it is still snowing. Pretty, but I am so done with snow this year!
  3. My hair stylist re-arranged my appointment from Thursday to Saturday due to the snow. She is a peach.
  4. Hubby and I are thinking about getting a (newer) car. A hybrid 4X4 that would be good in both the winter and summer!
  5. The packing has begun!!!

One thought on “Friday Five”

  1. I hope you have wonderful warm weather on your trip! I know you are looking forward to it so much! Love YOU, Mel

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