The Start Of Something Great!

Tomorrow we are going on a ride. A long ride. We are going to meet some people who have some White German Shepherd puppies!

They are six weeks old and there are two girls who are not claimed, and may be right for us. I am so excited, although I try to keep myself from getting two excited.

We have missed our White Shepherd, Fritzi so much. Shortly after his death I decided that I was ready to commit myself to another pup. I searched for a while, and then I found these puppies.

After we know for sure that everything it set, I will tell you the rest of the story about these babies.

Meanwhile, the dog/house sitter is set to come and stay, and I’ll be packing a case tonight. You see, besides meeting the puppies, we get to see my sister and brother in-law!

After we get done with the puppies, we will drive to my Sis’s house and have dinner with them, and a visit!

I’m so excited, as I have not seen her since my mother’s memorial service. So, things are happening!

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