Precious Puppy!

Lili’s first full day at home was a big one. It started at 5:30 AM and had me running in and out all day long to make sure she pottied correctly in the correct spot. She did amazingly well, with just one accident all day long.

Greta has decided to adopt her, while Arnie and Anneliese seem to be threatened a bit. There have been no fights, but they watch her like a hawk. Hubby and I have spent nice times with the other dogs while Lili slept.

May 10 14 022

Lili’s bed is in the puppy room and although I know she would love to sleep with us, that will not happen until she is absolutely potty trained. And then she will sleep on the floor next to the bed.

I was able to contact Fritz’s former trainer and she is still not just working as a Veterinary Technician, but she continues to train dogs.  It will be wonderful to see her again. She uses wonderful positive reinforcement to train, and Fritz did so well. I think this will be a special time for Lili.

My little baby is pretty tired out tonight. I’ll keep her up until 10 and then hopefully she will let me sleep in the morning.

If not, then I get to walk around my yard in the early morning dew!

3 thoughts on “Precious Puppy!”

  1. Congratulations to the new dog mummy ! I was away in Normandy and missed this event, so I read your previous posts. So you finally found the right baby ! She is really very cute and looks to me like Fritz in his baby pictures ! Can imagine that you are both very happy. I always think a female is more quiet, and when we had a dog it was a female. My cats are all females too except Arthur of course. You will have quite a lot to do with potty training and get the dackels used to Lilli !

  2. When Noah arrived here as puppy we had a crate. During the day it was opened and we had it in the living room. He could walke around and I watched him the entire time to realize when he needs to go outside for his wee-wee and poop. Over night I put it next to my bed and he slept very well. He felt I am next him and when he wanted to go outside he “called” me. That was a good solution for us and him. He was very good. I hope soon Lili can sleep in your bedroom and enjoy lying next you 🙂 Love Uschi

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