Just Look At That Face

Yes, Lili is settling in, eating better and getting into a routine. The biggest routine is that I literally leap out of bed in the morning and rush to her crate, grab her and off we go for our morning walk! She loves that and frankly, I’m getting to enjoy it too.

May 15 14 008

She wasn’t eating too well at first, but I have some ground puppy food that I am mixing with her crunchy food, and now she just gobbles it up. Good think. Seeing as she is a big dog, in her puppy years she really needs the calories.

May 15 14 004

I remind myself that she is just a baby, even though at times she does act much older. Then she will do something like every other puppy, and I have to laugh and figure out how to modify this new behaviour!

May 15 14 011

She really is a doll and we adore her.

Happy Friday!!!

4 thoughts on “Just Look At That Face”

  1. She is just beautiful! And I love how it looks like she hasn’t grown into her ears yet. Soooo cute!

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