The lovely Lili

Lili is starting to settle in. She has now won over Greta and Anneliese (well sort of, but it is close!) but Arnie is still a little reluctant to have much to do with her. Mostly I think, the pack of hounds assimilation is going well!

May 14 14 001

On Tuesday we had Lili to the Vets for her first check up and shots. She handled it like a pro. In fact, she has made a new friend. We also stopped by our mechanics to swap out cars for inspection, and Pete fell in love with her!

May 14 14 003

Right now Lili does mostly sleeping and wee-weeing, With an occasional food and walk thrown in. It’s the wee-weeing that I am really working on. Getting her to the door fast enough is the key.

After all at 8 weeks she is really not house trained yet, but I sure am!

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