Which Side Of The Crate Door?

Saturday night Hubby was up later than me, so he was assigned the last walk and the putting of Lili into her crate. Then he came to bed.

This morning I woke, and there was no noise from the mud room where the crate is stored. I dressed quickly (I do that a lot these days) and went out into the kitchen. There, greeting me with a wagging tail and a big doggy smile, was Lili!

May 18 14 016

I looked at her crate, and the door was firmly shut. Nothing was amiss. I took her outside and she performed well. But I came in, still wondering about Lili, the magical puppy!

Hubby got up and I asked him about it and he was shocked! He swore he got her in the crate and closed the door with her inside! Well, seems Lili is a magic dog who transported herself out of that crate!

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