Just a Quickie!

Well, we can call her Lili the Leaper!

I had a 2 foot puppy gate up to keep her from going down the hall, and she leapt the gate! So I put up a full size 3 1/2 foot x-pen as a gate across the opening. She is so disappointed as she cannot jump this one! She has even stopped going over there trying to sneak across the border!

Also in the last 48 hours, she has had just one accident! She also is going to the back door and whining when she needs to potty. Progress!

Here is another thing, I’ve worked on Lili’s recall to me, as well as the “no bite” and she is such a smartie pants. At first she tried to show me who was boss, but by the end of the day she was getting the hang if it all.

Lili, my love, you are growing up!

One thought on “Just a Quickie!”

  1. Good work, keep it up and she’ll be a grown up Doggie before you know it. Love YOU, Mel

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