A Wet Spring

Despite the gray, rainy, day, Lili was able to get outside quite a bit for walks and exercise, and we only had one small accident. Granted, it is me that is trained, as I look for signals that she needs to go outside, and she is getting better at doing this each day.

Today was also the first day I gave her a rawhide braid (made in the USA). As it turned out I gave each dog a braid, and there was a lot of chewing and playing around.

May 23 14 008

I was pretty busy, yet I feel like I am not getting too much done. Probably because most of my work is running in and outside with Lili.

May 23 14 005

Of course, eventually she ran out of energy, and so did I. I guess I’m not the youngstrer I once was!

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  1. typing without the left hand makes it true to write the word wrong… I mean she feels well at all.

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