New Years and Friendly Faces

Is anyone else, sort of having trouble, regulating your celebration clock? I mean Christmas Eve was on a Wednesday. Christmas Day on Thursday, Then we had  what felt like a long weekend.

New Years rolled around, and New Years Eve was also on a Wednesday, with New Years Day being Thursday. So both weekends I went around feeling like Monday should be right around the corner, but today was Saturday, all day long.

It’s not that I mind. But, it just feels strange.

The New Year began, and I’ve wanted to get started on all my resolutions, but it just doesn’t quite feel like we started a New Year. Does that make sense?

Meanwhile, today there was a knock on my door. There stood Jacqui! She is one of my kids. You see when we moved here 15 years ago, I sort of collected kids from the neighborhood. They came to learn to cook, to play with the dogs, to make stews, jams and jellies. Two of the little ones we even taught to read.

Well, Jacqui is all grown up and will be graduating from school in June. It was wonderful to see her! Here is a picture from when Jacqui was a little girl, with baby Anneliese!

Oct 13 012

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