Lili The Lovely

When we brought Lili home, in very short order, it all went to hell! She was sick, she chewed everything and she was not what one would call, a sweet dog. In fact there were times I was not sure Lili was really meant to be with us.

I did get her spayed in October. And I had her tested for an illness that my Vet assured me she had. In fact, I had been treating her for this illness for several months with special food and medication.

All the tests came back normal. There was nothing seriously wrong with Lili. Had my Vet explored things with more interest, I expect we would have found a puppy who was having trouble adjusting to her food. Or the water, or almost anything else.

I do feel badly that I didn’t question the Vet more. I should have. Darn it! Yet somehow, we have made it through the bad parts, and we are starting to see the real Lili.

It started two days after Christmas. She just seemed to ‘settle’. She no longer pulls on the leash, and in the house, she comes when I call her. In fact, most of the time she is my shadow, following me all over the house. I still must leash her when I take her out, as she has discovered the CAT next door.

I am going to return to obedience class and hopefully she will respond and do well. She wants to please me, and I think if I can just teach her, she’ll get it and make us both happy.


Lili age nine and a half months old.

Her tummy is completely normal. I have weaned her off the medication the Vet said she needed. And she is doing splendidly!

And she is becoming the loving, beautiful girl I had hoped for! Yes, she is still a puppy, and she gets into mischief, but finally things are getting better!

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  1. You had a lot of patience too ! I would have done exactly the same, unfortunately lots of people give the animal back when it is not easy to handle ! She looks so sweet !

  2. Wow! Are you talking about the same dog I saw before you left on vacation!? Lol….that is good to hear. So glad she is settling down…she is such a pretty dog. Paul and I have had a tough holiday. First his Mom passed away on the 21st and even though she was 89 and her health had been declining, she died suddenly, which shocked all of us. We had just spent a weekend with her and the rest of the family in Vermont celebrating Christmas and she was there with bells on! We were blessed to have that time with her. Her service was on Christmas Eve, which was kind of bittersweet, as this was her favorite time of year. Then a couple days later, I ended up in ER with diverticulitis! I am on antibiotics and finally feeling better, but I am hoping for a better 2015! But I am very happy for you guys that Lily is calming down….good luck with obedience school.

  3. We often tell folks who adopt a dog that it can take 6-9 months to really see the true personality of a dog. I am glad Lili is doing well. She is a puppy and will be one until she is 2 so the antics will likely continue but I am glad she is feeling better. Fromm grain free food comes highly recommended by several animal care providers I know. Never had a recall and not owned by any large company, might be something to try if he belly keeps acting up.

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