Must Love Snow

We had another snowfall on Sunday night. I would say we had about three inches of really heavy snow. Every tree was covered, and the world looked like it had been frosted by God himself!
Immediately the debate began in my mind. Do I drive to Waterville Valley on the slippery roads to ski or do I stay home in my nice warm house?
I drank some coffee and thought again. Do I drive to Waterville Valley on the slippery roads to ski, or do I stay home and shovel the snow all around the house?
Hmmmm. That’s a no-brainer!
In short order I packed a breakfast and put the Jeep in 4-wheel drive and pulled out of the driveway.
I was on my way.
The entire ride was spectacular. Mile upon mile of frosted trees and slushy roads, but I have a Jeep and I drove through it with an ease that truly surprised me.
After walking up from the parking lot to the lodge, I had a nice breakfast, put on my gear and made the first run of the day. I was amazed at the fantastic conditions. After the first four runs, I was sitting on the chair lift, and I decided I just had to call Hubby and tell him how great it was. Somehow I managed to get the phone wedged into my helmet and we chatted briefly. I did three more runs, before deciding to call it a day and head home.
I had my camera with me and decided to snap some snow shots.

Jan 30 001.jpg Jan 30 003.jpg Jan 30 004.jpg

When I was nearly home I remembered that our friends home always shows so nicely against the snow. So I pulled way over to the side of the road and stopped to take a picture. I hopped out of the car, took the picture and then drove off.
Jan 30 007.jpg

When I got home I started to gather everything up in the car. No cell phone! I dumped out my ski bag, my purse and checked all my pockets. No cell phone.
I yelled to Hubby and raced back to where I had taken the last picture. Hoping…
As I drove up I could see it lying on the ground. I ran over, picked it up and jumped back into the Jeep. The phone rang.
“Did you find your cell phone okay?” asked Hubby. Ha, ha! Hubby was calling to make sure the phone hadn’t fallen under the seat in the car.
I still cannot believe that I found it. That is hadn’t been run over. And that it wasn’t damaged at all!
All in all a very good day.

6 thoughts on “Must Love Snow”

  1. That is amazing.

    I love snow. I love when it gets clumped up in the trees and it glistens in the sun. I know people hate to drive in it sometimes, but really, they need to stop and appreciate the beauty.

  2. Hi Mom,
    Hope you are doing well! Any skiing for today? I had a good time at volleyball last night! Hope you have a good one. I’m thinking of you!

  3. Those are wonderful pictures of the snow. It’s totally different from the snow I’m used to seeing. Lucky you found your cell phone.

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