Washing Machines!

After several weeks of having a washing machine that was slowly failing, Hubby and I spent all day Friday researching machines via the Internet and Consumer Reports. We pretty much settled on a top rated LG top loading machine. At first I was a little reluctant because I have had a front loader for a while. However, the reviews from actual users, gave this machine high marks.

On Saturday we went off to Lowes and looked at this machine as well as the front loader I had also read about. Frankly, I liked the top loader better and now, after running 4 loads of laundry, I can report, this machine is totally awesome!


It is quiet and the clothes come out CLEAN! Really, my old machine has been failing for sometime, I just was too crazy to admit it, and go and get a new one.

I guess I was overly attached to the old machine. I’d had it for nearly 16 years! Tonight, I must admit, I don’t even miss it! I know, I am a fickle woman!

I also must point out, that this is the fourth major appliance in less than a year. Yes, we bought all new appliances when we built the house and right now, the dryer is the last of the lot. I’m hoping it will last a wee bit longer.

So here I am, feeling fabulous about the purchase of an appliance. There is something so grown up about that, don’t you think?

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  1. We only have front loading machines here ! The first (and last) top loading machine I saw at my aunt’s home in Wisconsin !

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