Love Is In The Air

I think it must be the call of the wild.

I have three spayed female dogs in my home. Two are former mothers, but have been spayed for several years. Lili, of course, we had done right off in October, with hopes it would help her to calm down. One still hopes.

But Mr. Arnie is acting very strangely. Not so much with Lili, but with Greta and Anneliese. It started yesterday. Arnie began following Greta and Anneliese around putting his snout on their backs in a pathetically loving way.

P3020004 (2)

Last night, while trying to go to sleep, he made his way around the bed, trying to snuggle with the two girls. I could hear them growl at him, in an attempt to get him to cut it out!

No, Arnie is not neutered. We have simply never had a problem with him that required us to neuter him.

But, this is worrying me a little. He is a bit on the thin side and well, I can only wonder how long his “loving” ways will continue.

Still, his cuddling them is cute, and as long as he doesn’t start to roam, I guess it’s OK. After all, it’s not like the girls will cooperate with him.

So, I can tell, Spring is in the air! Or at least Love!

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