Thank You, Mother Nature!

I will now get down on my knees and thank Mother Nature for depositing all the snow south of me!

Yesterday’s snow storm didn’t amount to very much up here in central New Hampshire. In fact when I woke up on Sunday morning it wasn’t snowing at all (big smile)!!!
It did start to snow after 9 in the morning, and I was prepared to go out and do battle with the snow shovel, but then it just stopped.
I went out, looked up into the sky and saw, well, nothing coming down from it! This lasted for a couple of hours and then it did start up again, but the snow was just that teasing sort of snow. Looks pretty, but doesn’t amount to anything much.
By the time all was said and done we had one inch. Yes, you heard me right, one inch! After I started breathing again (with relief), I realized that sometimes wishes do come true!

Shubi did well yesterday. I did have to give her more fluids, but she did well with it and a short while after that she ate some lean pork. Later she ate some more. I can see where the fluids really perk her up, so yes, it made it a lot easier for me to do it again.

It was bath day for little Greta. She is not a fan, but was very good in the shower. Once she was done and I took her out to dry her off, she slipped through my fingers and off she ran! Down the hall, into the office to where Hubby was seated at his computer. She jumped up on the bed, then down on the rug, rubbing her fur onto anything and everything that she could!

I don’t know what it is about the commercials on TV right now, but so many of them have nice music on them. Maybe it’s because people my age are the senior advertising executives now and they all remember 70’s music as being some of the best! So, rock on commercials!

If you haven’t caught the USA Women’s Ice Hockey Team playing yet, mark your calendars. These ladies are hot, hot, hot! I haven’t seen play like this in a long time. They are really good!

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Mother Nature!”

  1. I won’t thank Mother Nature until we get a little bit of that snow over here in Oregon!! Please.

    Also, I will try to watch hockey, but I really try to avoid sports. I am evil, I know.

  2. Hi Mom,
    Happy Monday! Glad the snow missed you–we probably got about a foot where I am, and more than that where I work (a foot and a half here, I think!) And of course, my windshield fluid on my driver’s side would not work this morning, so made for an interesting commute! Glad to hear that Shubi is taking the fluids, and that she is eating a bit. I hope that both you and she are holding up and enjoying your time together. I have thought of you both a lot and prayed for you both too.
    Love you,

  3. Happy Monday!

    Love what you’ve done with the place – the colours are just lovely.

    Sorry to hear that Shubi’s been poorly – glad to know that she’s got such a good dog-mum to care for her.

    I watched the Canadian Women’s team play with the Italians. Yeesh! I’m sure their first game against the US team will be much more exciting.

  4. I am glad that you didn’t get dumped on. When I saw the totals in central park, I thought of you and was worried you would be out there shoveling by yourself. I have another friend in NH and they only got about 4 inches or so. I am glad that Shubi is feeling better/perks up with fluids.

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