Girls in Glasses

It’s time to go out and select new glasses. Now this always proves to be a real challenge for me. First, I really hate glasses. I was a contact lens wearer for 25 years. After my retina detached, it was bye-bye to contacts and hello to glasses, permanently.
My current frame is what I call a modified Harry Potter frame.
Dec 6ab.jpg
Large, round, but instead of being black they are gold frames. However, I think this time I’ll go for something a little smaller. Gold in color, but small.
If I must wear glasses, then they have to be gold as I look simply dreadful in any colored frames. Oh vanity, they name is Maribeth!
I’ve decided not to get glasses that automatically tint to sunglasses. They are such a waste. They do not work in the car! That was something that no one bothered to tell me. I think what I’ll do is get regular lenses in the new frames and then get my current glasses dipped and made into dark sunglasses.
It just stinks when you can’t walk across the floor without wearing glasses.

6 thoughts on “Girls in Glasses”

  1. I like your glasses, but a little smaller would look good. I don’t think you can go wrong since you are so beautiful to start with.
    It must have been hard to say good-bye to contacts. I would feel bad. I think I am just as vain if not vainer than you.

  2. I remember about 15 years ago when my eye doc showed me a pair of “auto-tinting” glasses like they were this great new break-thru in glasses science. Those things hurt my eyes like you wouldn’t believe. They didn’t work half the time and the other half the time I was forced to wait as they “adjusted”. Grr. Give me a plain pair o glasses anyday. I’ve worn them all my life, dunno who or what I’d be without em.

  3. I have a prescription to get some reading glasses, but I haven’t ordered any yet because I don’t know what to choose! It’s hard to decide.

  4. They ARE Harry Potteresque! My mom ordered new glasses from Lens Crafters a few weeks ago, new bifocals, but she couldnt see out of the new lenses, so she has to wait to see if the new new ones work. How hard should getting new glasses be?

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