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It was a big day here at The Dackel Princess Home. The oven got fixed, bills got paid, I selected a pair of glasses and I went to the LL Bean Outlet store and found a King Size Bedspread in pale blue. Now the best part about the bedspread was that, it is usually a hundred dollars and I talked the sales girl down to $50.00. Here is the deal. It was already marked down some because it was a clearance item. The item was not bagged and had been on the floor. Obviously it will need to be washed before use. So, we played, “Let’s Make A Deal” and that was the end result!
Here is a picture of the spread. I got the lightest blue one.
My new glasses will be here in about 2 weeks. I selected a pair of wire frames that are tinted a fleshy pink color. They almost fade away on my face. I also got them with the anti-glare filter on the lenses. Because I must wear glasses all the time, I decided to order a pair of sun glasses. Woo-hoo! I used my old glasses (the Harry Potter Frames), and they will have the new prescription with a polarized dark brown tint. I’m psyched!

We see the Orthopedic Surgeon for Hubby’s pre-operative appointment. He will tell us all that he plans to do, And we will make the final arrangements with both the hospital and the motel I will stay at.

After a few days of walking my little panty princess, I must say I am really ready for spring! Every time Greta has to go out, I leash her, and out we go. It has been in the single digits each morning and hasn’t gotten over 20 degrees during the day! Brrrr!
Come on Springtime!!!

5 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Sounds like you had a good day! Good job talking down the sales lady! I would never have the guts to do that. I am such a wuss!

  2. You know, I’ve lived down here since 1969 and you going anywhere in all that snow amazes me…I guess I’m finally brainwashed that snow means you’re not going anywhere….Good job on the bedspread..

  3. Hi Mom, Just a note to say hello, and hope you stay warm today! I’m in the office, glad it’s Thursday and that the week is almost done! Hope you have a good day! Love you, Mandy

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