Hubby had all his pre-operative testing and the visit with the surgeon today. Everything went well, but I am not sure I liked what the doctor had to say. Between the cysts growing on the bones and a hairline fracture too, I didn’t feel really good after. Not that I don’t like the doctor, I do. I just worry about my Hubby!

We stopped at the motel I will be staying at and I was able to check out the place. Bed, Internet access and a Continental Breakfast each morning. What more could a girl want?

4 thoughts on “Worry”

  1. What, no inroom luxury spa treatement? Complete with massage, manicure and pedicure and facial!? 😉

  2. Surgery is always scary and sometimes it is harder to watch others we love have to go through it. Try and have a relaxing weekend.

    P.S. you forgot to tout that the motel has Bed, Internet access and a Continental Breakfast each morning AND ALLOWS DOGGIES!

  3. I was thinking about this all day, but I did not know when the appointment was and I was worried I’d call at the wrong moment. How is Hubby taking this whole thing?
    Of course you are worried It’s you hubby! I’ll keep those prayers coming his way.

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