Loving Firefox!

I’ve come into the 21st century! I finally left Netscape behind and have gone over to Firefox and Thunderbird!
Now before anyone thinks that this is really a stretch for me, let me explain.
Firefox and Thunderbird were developed by the same people who originally made Netscape. When Netscape was purchased by AOL/Time Warner, they left and started their own company. Thus Firefox/Thunderbird was born.
I have found the transition to be mostly painless, although I had a few places where I had trouble setting things up, but that was simply because I am only a wanna be computer geek! It is all installed now, and set up and working like a charm.
What do I like best? The tab browsing is good, but the best? Probably is in Thunderbird. I write to a friend in Germany all the time and occasionally I use German words. Thus a normal spell check isn’t always kind. I imported a German dictionary, that I can use to run a spell check on the letter and it will give me correct German spellings, Umlauts and all.
Much of the actual program is the same as the older versions of Netscape. So, I haven’t had any trouble adapting to it. I like it so much, I plan to upgrade Hubby’s computer as well.
What did we do before computers?

3 thoughts on “Loving Firefox!”

  1. I LOVE Firefox and Thunderbird. I have been using them for over a year now. I love the nearly no pop ups. I love the tabbed browsing. I love everything about it.

  2. Never heard of Firefox…you must have a mac.
    as far as what did we do before computers? I for one, cleaned house, made dinner, visited friends, did my hobbies. hehehehehe

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