The Jackpot

Geraldo Rivera may have been disappointed, when he opened Al Capone’s safe on live television in 1986, and found nothing! However, today in the office I scored big time!

I discovered a box with old floppy discs in them. Remember those suckers? They were hard and square and held almost no data! Fortunately a friend told me to buy a cheap reader, when those were all phased out and the CD type discs were the thing to have to back up your documents.


As I was pulling out several shoe-boxes when I found a whole bunch of floppy discs with pictures of my much loved and long gone doggies, as well as my stories.

Back in 1996 when we adopted Shubi, I started writing stories about her life. Children’s stories. And these discs will enable me to edit, add pictures, and create little stories for my granddaughter, Savannah.

The pictures made my heart swell, and filled my face with smiles. Ah, Shubi, and her big White German Shepherd brother, Max.


As soon as we brought her home, Shubi and Max became the very best of friends! These pictures are a wonderful reminder of that special time, that we spent with these two dogs. Devoted, fun, loving, friends.

After this discovery, I needed to take time off, as I have sort of overdone it in the last two days. So tonight, I am sitting with my cervical heating pad (which is so wonderful!), and looking at these wonderful pictures!


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