Monday Thoughts

Okay. I was ready for summer. I got up feeling prepared for another hot day. But all that was left from the weekends weather was some humidity, that rapidly turned into heavy rain by dinner.
Greta had all her shots today and she came with me while I did my errands. She loves doing this because it means she gets to go visiting. Greta went to the Post Office to see her pals there, to the Dry Cleaners, to the Flower Shop and then of course to the Vets.
Meanwhile, at home, Shubi was quite miserable without her little friend. Hubby said she sat by the door waiting for Greta to return and cried. When we got back she was so happy to see Greta she jumped all over her. Quite happily!
Tomorrow is Dentist Day for me. I have real dental phobia. I had found a great dentist up here and I really liked him, but he has retired and sold his practice to some new guy. Now I have to go through a whole breaking in period with a new guy. Very stressful. Growing up, I had a terrible dentist who would tell my mother he used novocain, and charge her for it, but never did. I only remember terrible pain and actually biting this guy. Very stressful indeed!

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