Just One Of Those Days

I was running about town doing errands on Monday. Usually I see one or two people that I know, but mostly I go around incognito.
As I got to the Post Office I saw our mechanic, Pete. I told him about Hubby and he asked about the real celebrity in the family, Shubi.
You see, Shubi was well know in these parts for being the dog that survived the odds. So each month, and year she defied the odds, there were a lot of people in the village that rejoiced.
I told Pete about Shubi’s passing. He was sad, as he thought she was a sweet girl.
Then I went in and ran into another woman I know from town, from my doctor’s office. She asked about Hubby and then asked about Shubi. I recounted Shubi’s last days and thanked her for her kind words.
Then I stopped at a shop in town looking for something and a woman who sold me my table at Christmas stopped me and asked after Shubi. No kidding. I started to feel a bit overwhelmed.
When I got done speaking with her I needed to ask a question of the shops owner and she asked how all my babies were doing. She, too, is a big dog lover. I told her about Shubi and the next thing I knew I was crying. I’ve known this woman for 5 years now, so I didn’t feel too bad about crying in her presence, and fortunately the shop was nearly empty. It was just so hard to be talking about it over and over again. She was so kind and put her arms around me.
I drove home with hot, red, swollen eyes, still moist with tears, but I didn’t allow myself to dwell in the depths for too long. I patted Fritz and Greta and continued my day.
I’ll never forget her, but I know Shubi would want me to go on with life, the same way she never gave up, even during her most challenging days.

6 thoughts on “Just One Of Those Days”

  1. Ahh Yes! She wants you to get on with your life, but I think she wanted to let you know that she is missing you too and loves you and is with you still, Why else would she send so many “angels” to ask about her today?

  2. Sorry to hear about your day. I can identify with how you feel after having gone through that with Laura. At times, I thought that I would NEVER stop crying. There were just so many people to tell… On the bright side, you know that you will get through this. I love you.

  3. Good morning Mom,
    Well, I guess it is bittersweet to have so many asking about Shubi–on the one side you can tell that a lot of people cared about and were touched by her; on the other hand, it left you in a position of having to talk about her passing. I’m sure she would want you to get on with your life–she is probably excited about your plans to breed Greta in the fall! And she is probably wishing she could help you by being a wonderful nurse doggie now! Instead, maybe just think that she has passed on some of her strength and resilience to you, to help get you through these tough times.
    Lots of Love,

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