The Stone Masons finished their interior work on the fire place yesterday. So, what does this mean to me? It meant I spent all afternoon, dusting, vacuuming, and washing every available surface in that room. I had to move furniture, remove the curtains and then start the arduous task of returning the braided rug to the room after the floors were washed, as well as the coffee table, chairs, etc.
What I discovered this morning is that this 47 year old back is just not as young as it once was! Oh, the aches I felt upon waking! I finally got up and made coffee because just lying in bed felt so much worse, and usually I am a real bed potato, so you know I felt bad!
In my misspent youth, I loved to rearrange furniture. No sofa was too big! One never knew where the sofa, bed, table and chairs would be from one day to the next. Now, however, I almost never move stuff. That could explain the dust “elephants” that I found under the sofa!
My plans for today are pretty simple. Do laundry. It’s fairly straight forward and easy, and since I have my curtains to do, as well as the dust covers, there is a ton of it.
Hubby is about the same. I got in to his room this morning and got those sheets changed and served him up a big breakfast. He seems to do really well early in the day, but by noon it is all down hill, and by dinner he has very little appetite and just wants to rest.
Time for one more cup of java before I start my day.

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