I’ve Gone To The Dogs!

Friday found me hunkering down to survive the cold. I woke early and at 6:45 AM it was -4 degrees F. Not even Lili wanted to be outside.

I came in and made coffee, and sat down. to watch the news and enjoy the heat of my cup of Joe (coffee).

The next thing I knew Anneliese jumped up and sat next to me. Probably out of a desire to suck up my body heat, but then, I don’t care. I love little dackel snuggles. She looked up at me and smiled. I tried to capture it because she has such a delightful smile!


Hubby got up and the next thing I knew, I had Lili in my chair snuggling next to me. Now you have to understand, Lili is a sweet dog and I really do love her, but…well, my dackels are my favorites.

But Lili, for some reason, adores me! And I’ll be darned, I really do love this dog. She is growing up, and she is getting easier to handle, and we can actually play with her outside.


Best of all, if we come in, she comes too. She doesn’t like being outside without one of us. In fact she runs right back to the door to follow us.

Lili will be three years old on St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps it’s the luck of the Irish that has her calming down at last!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Gone To The Dogs!”

  1. You have Lili and we have Timmy “The Terrible” who was 2 on Halloween . Gizzy had 2 puppies and we had home for both of them Unfortunately Timmy’s family got divorced instead of a dog. At almost 2.5 he is still very puppy but is also much loved.

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