Why Having Company, Makes Your House Clean

We had company last night. These are people we are socially friendly with, as opposed to those who are like family. What’s the biggest difference? Family/friends you can just sort of be yourself with. If there is a little dust, or a fur bunny from the dog, you don’t worry because these people are “family” and will love you anyway. In fact, they probably don’t even notice those little things. (right?)
Social friends you clean like crazy for. You don’t know them well enough to feel safe with a dusty fur bunny, and you want to be so clean that you could literally eat off the floor.
So for the week prior to last night’s dinner party, I cleaned and washed and vacuumed and then did it all over again a few hours before their arrival. My goodness the house looks so nice! All of it.
I walk around and think, “who lives here, not me. I’m way too messy.”
I wish I were one of those people who could live a neat and organized life, but I just don’t have it in me. I know that in a little while, I’ll go and get the Sunday paper and before long it will be spread all over the family room floor. Try as I might, I just can’t seem to keep it all together.
Hubby claims that I take things out and then don’t put them back again. He is right, as most of the things I put away, were my things!
I know what I need! A housekeeper! That’s the ticket! She could come and do nothing but clean up after me all day long, and wait on me and make me hot cups of tea.
Oh wait, maybe that’s a Nanny!

7 thoughts on “Why Having Company, Makes Your House Clean”

  1. I am totally convinced that’s what I need.. Someone to get back in the corners etc that I never go to and the up high stuff. I very seldom think to clean what I can’t see…..my son will tell you……

  2. Growing up, I always strived to have the kinds of friends and family who would be the not caring if the house isn’t perfect type. There the best kinds of people to know.:)

  3. I also could use a maid…the nanny would probably get bored; I’m not home enough to keep her busy! Hope your visit was nice.

    My weekend was good, and full for sure. Had a good meeting with Ing-Mari on Saturday, and had fun at the batting cages with the kids!

    Hope you have a good Monday. My work day should be interesting…with what I mentioned Friday, we have our “all company meeting” today…. Oh boy!

    Love you,

  4. Maribeth, I do the same cleaning craziness before I have guests and YES it depends on who it is. My closest friends get to see my chaos and dust.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

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