Angel Feet

Shubi and Me 2004

After I returned from my trip to Concord on Tuesday I had to carry up about 12 bags of groceries and supplies. I put Fritz and Greta outside with their toy balls and then began the slow process. Our garage is under our house so, I would grab as much as I could and then carry it up 14 steps into the kitchen, back down, pick up what I could, etc.. At one point I stopped to grab my empty coffee mug out of the front seat, and I heard something. I stopped and listened and I could have sworn that I heard Shubi’s little feet pitter pattering across the floor above me. I stopped and smiled and thought about my girl and how she used to greet me each time I came home. How many times over the years I listened for those happy feet, and how very happy she made me.

5 thoughts on “Angel Feet”

  1. I know that it would be so awful to come home and not have Maxi here going nuts….Oh goodess our sweet pets…………

  2. I can so totally relate to “hearing” your pet and the comfort it brings. We had to put my childhold dog down when I was 21 (a lot of years ago) and I still “hear” him at times even at the new house. It can be very comforting in times of stress.

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