The Devil vs The Diet Angel

When I woke up this morning I knew that today was the day I needed to re-start my healthy eating. While Hubby was ill, and then first at home, I just blew my diet big time. You see, I am a stress eater. Give me that comfort food when I’m feeling down! Of course comfort food for me are all those wonderful carby things like mashed potatoes, cinnamon toast and yes, I admit, chips and sandwiches! It’s time to get back to salad, seafood and lots of fresh vegetables!
I stood in front of my refrigerator and looked inside.
Okay, I thought, what should I eat? I knew darn well what I should eat, but I had that old “Devil Maribeth” sitting on my shoulder saying, “go for the cereal, go for the toast!”.
I literally stood there for several moments arguing with that devil before my “Diet Angel” arrived and guided me to 2 boiled eggs.
The Angel explained that it was time to get myself back on South Beach, to get back into an exercise routine and to concentrate on being calm and good to myself.
I tried to argue that the toast, cereal and sandwiches make me feel good, but she then pointed out sweetly (that’s how Angels are), that I didn’t feel so good when my jeans felt tight.
Don’t you just hate those “know it all” Angels?
So here I go. I’m going to make my diet gelatin, and plan out some meals that are on my South Beach radar. However, I think I like Devil Maribeth, much better than my Diet Angel. The Devil is definitely more fun to eat with!

4 thoughts on “The Devil vs The Diet Angel”

  1. Hahahha I hear both of those two as well. It’s strongest when I get a snack –

    “Do you really need to eat that?”

    “Are you actually hungry?”

    “Oh go ahead who cares, it’s just a little snack”

  2. You can do it, Maribeth. I love those dueling concience voices. Sometimes they can be entertaining if you just sit back and relax and observe them. Take care!

  3. Hi Mom, Still no word over on my end about what is happening over here? Did you catch the piece on Good Morning America? I thought it was slightly inappropriately positive press…. Who knows? Maybe it can work in a different group of patients–we don’t really know. But I was surprised ABC news and GMA agreed to run the story, given the results distributed this week….

    Good for you for leaning away from the carb-heavy breakfast. I could use an angel like that on my shoulder!

    Love you,

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