It’s Spring!

It’s spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I was able to get outside and sweep our patio, and bringing out our table and chairs for the summer. Oh, I know, we could still get a little snow, but I chose to be optimistic! It’s going to be sunshine and warm temperatures from now on!
I got Hubby out to enjoy the sunshine, and the dogs were not far behind. They came bounding outside with their balls in their mouth, ready to play with their Dad!
They loved it. The dogs and Hubby! They spent about an hour out there soaking it all up. It was so good to see everyone out there enjoying themselves.
Yea! It’s Spring!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Spring!”

  1. GREAT pictures! We’re moving steadily into Autumn right now, so our days, while still sunny, are getting progressively cooler.

    Your doggies are so adorable!

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