Friday Five

Another busy week went by. Appointments, laundry, housework, cooking and my first weigh in at Weight Watchers since starting their new plan. Here are all the details!

    1. Tuesday found me off to the eye doctor’s office to be checked for changes in my prescription. There was a significant change. So…..New glasses were in order. My frames were not comfortable, or big enough to give me a good visual field. So I was willing to spend a little on some frames this year, as it was not my year to get new frames with my insurance.
    2. I found the cutest light pink, wire frames. While I was being fitted for those, the sales clerk mentioned that they were having a special buy one get one 20% off. So I found the funkiest frames for sunglasses and ordered those too. They’ll be in around May 3rd.
    3. After finishing up with the glasses, I was forced to drive home in a wild Spring Snow Storm! Yikes! The roads were bad and I was nervous, but I made it just fine!
    4. I made more of Hubby’s favorite Lentil soup. I made a double batch this time, and froze a large container.
    5. I weighed in on Wednesday at our meeting. I was so nervous and I just knew I would cry if I didn’t do well. I worked so hard this past week. I weighed, measured, and counted every point I put into my mouth. I also tried to make good choices. I got to class, and stripped down to my shorts and tank top, and stepped onto the scale. I was down 4.6 pounds!  Needless to say, I have been walking on clouds ever since.

Here are first, my new glasses (Blurry, I know.).


And these are the frames for my sunglasses.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Good work on your new glasses and sun glasses. I can’t wait to get mine! Love YOU, Mel

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