The Shubi Tails

Many years ago, (1996) I got my very first wire-haired dachshund. Her name was Shubi. Shubi was born in Landshut, Germany, and while visiting friends in Starnberg, Germany, we both lost our minds and our hearts and bought Shubi and her brother Toni.

Shubi and mom

Shubi was an amazing pup. She totally stole my heart, and my imagination. I would sort of day dream about her in these slightly wild adventures, and then laugh to myself, wondering if this was how Charles Schultz had started with Snoopy?

Anyway, I knew nothing about dachshunds, so I searched on the Internet for information and I found a group of men and women who were also dachshund fans.

At first I asked just general questions, as I learned about the breed. Then because I was new to computers, and my brain was working overtime, I started to write mini stories about Shubi and her adventures.

Most were well received, but the owner of the list wanted to keep it strictly, factual, health problems, so we started a new list called “The Circle of Friends”. And although we are not nearly as active as we once were, the list of friends remains in contact to this very day!

Anyway, the stories are short, sweet and at times funny. Most written from Shubi’s point of view. I thought I had lost them all, until recently, when I was using an old disc reader to see what pictures I had on those, and discovered all of the stories! It’s my hope that I can take those stories and make up some little books for Savannah and Quinn.

In the meantime I will try to put a story down here on Dackel Princess, with some pictures and see what you all think.

I am so happy to have found these silly stories!

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  1. Wonderful!! Shubi was a wonderful doggie, greatly loved and missed by all who knew her. Love YOU, Mel

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