Friday Five

Oh my goodness! Another week has flown by! It both shocks and amazes me. I recall thinking that time went so slowly when I was a kid. I would lie on the sand at the beach staring up into the sky and think that time was just going so slowly! How wrong I was. It seems the older I get, the faster time slips by.

All that being said, here is this weeks meanderings, from one who finally understands that time is not relevant to life. It’s merely a a way of counting of the hours, days, and years.

  1. It’s been 4 weeks since I returned to Weight Watchers. I have lost 7 pounds.
  2. In the past this would have depressed me, but, I am eating wonderful meals, and enjoying the challenge of finding new, low point things to enjoy. Good-bye sugar! The true corrupter of diets everywhere!
  3. The office is finished. Finally after all these years, it is done. I had to go in there today for a printed page, and I opened the door and nearly fell over! Wow! It really is beautiful in there!
  4. The apple trees have been in full bloom.
    IMG_0205 (2)

    The orchard

    IMG_0209 (2)

    Oh I love this time of year, when the blossoms are out, and when you walk through the orchard, you can hear the hum of the working bees!

  5. At some point I will stop and pick up some vegetable plants. I will directly sow the peas and beans, but everything else will come from a farm stand. Although I am doing well on many levels, I haven’t quite gotten my garden feet under me.

So that’s this weeks list, with a few pictures of the orchard. Enjoy the Spring, even if it is a cool one!

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  1. Remember when you couldn’t wait for your birthday to come? Not so much any more!!!! 🙂

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