The Garden Is In 2016

Yesterday Hubby and I finished planting the garden. I thought we were done earlier, but Hubs insisted we plant a few more plants, so off we went to Agway, to pick up some pickling cukes, Ichiban eggplants, broccoli (a first for me) and two more tomato plants.


All done.


You can see my crazy Owl. That darn head is like Linda Blair in the Exorcist!

By lunchtime, it was all done, and we came in to quench our thirst and have our sandwiches. It felt so good to sit down!

I’d decided to make up for my transgressions at Savannah’s birthday party, and eat totally lean and low calorie yesterday. So I looked up a nice Cod fish recipe, and then made the mushroom risotto and carrots for dinner. It came out quite well.

By 9:30, I was falling asleep in my chair, so off I went to bed with the dackels, waking briefly at 11:00 when Hubby came in.


Have a blessed Memorial Day!

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