Thirteen Things about Maribeth When She Was 13

Baby dog, Maribeth, and Laurie

1. I wanted to grow up and get married and have children.
2. I dreamt of having a small house with a vegetable garden.
3. While I was planting this garden, my children would run around in the fresh clean air.
4. I would have 4 children.
5. I would be married to a man who would love me forever.
6. I would become an artist and I would work at this at home. (when I wasn’t gardening)
7. I would have cats and dogs.
8. Life would be good and simple and happy.
9. I would wear jeans and t-shirts and straw hats.
10. And my hair would grow down to my waist.
11. I would have a little swing in my yard, where I would sit and watch my family.
12. Eventually my grandchildren would come to see me.
13. And I would live peacefully and happily ever after.

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  1. Oh, There is my little sister and my Baby dog and Laurie!
    You were 13 when I got married too. I missed you so much and loved it when you came to visit me.

  2. This is a cute idea for a T13! When I was a child, I thought I would have lots of puppies when I grew up, but then I married a man who doesn’t like animals. Oh well!

  3. Wow, life was so simple at 13 wasn’t it? I thought I could work at a restaurant and still have everything I dreamed of…good thing I kept having birthdays to figure that out! Mine are up as well!

  4. I had the same idea when I was 13, except for the gardening and having four kids and a small house and animals. I wanted to live in a penthouse in Manhattan and be rich and fabulous. Now, I am just fabulous.

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