My German Odyssey 1989 Part 11

We drove into Liechtenstein to the capitol, Vaduz. We went window shopping, saw the royal palace and had lunch. We’ve all heard about this tiny country and our daughters got a real thrill going there.
On we drove into Switzerland where we saw some of the Swiss Alps, saw Lake Constance before finding the Rhine river.
The following day we drove up to Hildesheim, Germany to visit with a woman whom Hubby had dated way back before I was even born! She had been in Massachusetts working as an Au Pare when his violin teacher, Mrs. Parker, had asked him to take her out. They’d become friends and so we had looked her up so we could introduce her to our daughters and share a meal. Hubby’s friend, Karin, gives walking tours in Hildesheim, is married, with four grown children of her own, and now in 2006 several grandchildren.
After that we went back to Berlin, where we left our rental car, and got on a flight back to the USA.
We were only back in the States long enough to bring the girls to their other parent’s homes before hopping back on a Pan Am flight to Berlin.

Even though our time with Amanda and Jessica in Germany was over, we still had another 6 weeks left on Hubby’s temporary assignment.

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  1. I still have to read your German Odyssey from the very beginning! Hope the rain is not invading your home/neighborhood! the pictures I have seen on TV are devastating!

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