My German Odyssey 1989 Part 12

We arrived back in Berlin and the month started off as usual. Hubby flying out of Berlin with charters and then coming back each night. Most of the time he was back in time for dinner, and we frequented our favorite places. A Greek restaurant down in Zehlendorf, a Yugoslavian place just down the street from Ka De We, and of course the Europa Center where we could get Bavarian food.
During my days I would shop, or go for tours over in East Berlin or take the train down to the Wansee where I could walk, enjoy the lake and have a nice lunch.
Out at Tegel Airport, we were pleased to see a mural done in honor of Col. Gail Halvorsen, who is better known to the children of post war Germany at the Rosinenbomber (candy bomber). Col. Halvorsen flew during the Berlin Airlift and he would drop candy out of his plane for the children.

When Hubby was based in Berlin with Pan Am in the early 1970’s he got to know Col. Halvorsen and played racquetball with him. I was so pleased to see this mural.
One day we got a call from the Berlin office that the Pilot’s Secretary wanted to see Hubby. Since it was his day off we both drove over. Elke was not what one would call warm and overly friendly, but she liked the pilots and looked after them. On this day she wanted to see Hubby to let him know that he had been awarded Captain on the 727 in New York! We were so happy and excited that we went out for a special meal that night! It meant that as soon as we returned to the States at the end of the month, Hubby would go to Miami for training. I decided that I would go down too, as he was planning to stay with our friend, Benn.
The last few weeks of our stay in Berlin, I went and spent an afternoon at a local hair salon to get my hair and nails done, went to a small fur shop in East Berlin and bought myself a beautiful Russian Sable mink hat, and also suit cases to bring all of our stuff back to America in.
We had 14 pieces of luggage when we finally packed up. We raced to the airport checked everything in and then settled back for our flight to London where we would connect with a flight for New York. I was sitting next to a pleasant British man who asked me, as we flew out of West Berlin over the East, “Do you think The Wall will ever come down?”.
“Not in my lifetime”, I replied.
I have often thought about those words. How silly they seem now, for a mere two months later, The Wall was down, and I would return to Berlin to dance on top of it!

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  1. Thank goodness the wall came down in 1989! It was a gift of God. So we could get best friends and still we are. Love Uschi

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