The Hum…

My family will tell you that I live like a recluse. I like things quiet, I enjoy not seeing or hearing the activity of my neighbors or the traffic noises from the street. Peace. Since I know this about myself and have set about living my life this way, I don’t see any reason to apologize, although I do get teased often when I complain about noise. My brother in-law teases me the most. “Noise?” he asks, “What noise?”
Of course this week is Motorcycle Week. With over 400,000 biker’s expected to visit the state in the next few days, the low growling hum of Harley’s (and assorted other bikes) is all you can hear when you are outside.
I wonder how they do that? I mean, most BIG trucks don’t make that much noise, but somehow the Harley’s do. I can see we will have an entire generation with hearing aids from all the unmuffled noise from their motorcycles!
Oh well, only eight days to go!

One thought on “The Hum…”

  1. I don’t get it either! The motorcycles are so much louder than the trucks! Maybe it a different decibel or something. I don’t like it at all, can’t they fix it? Maybe they don’t think it needs fixing, it’s a manly thing, like Tim the tool man, GRRRRRRR! ( Don’t you love how I talk to myself even on the computer?)
    Just waiting for the choir to show up for the picnic and it’s hot!

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