What do you do when it’s 90 degrees outside??

It was like living in Florida today. The temperature climbed to the 90’s and the humidity was at 70 %. Now this is the big reason I left Florida. I just couldn’t stand living like this all the time.
We have air conditioning, so at least inside the house it was cool and dry. That helped me get a lot of cleaning done.
During one of my breaks from cleaning, I decided to check out the online sales. I went to the LL Bean web site and saw a beautiful Penobscot Down Parka on sale for 1/2 the list price! This is the warmest, snuggliest parka that Bean’s make. I was so excited. Just what I need! (just not today!)
So I ordered it in a Mulberry Plum color, just to be a little different. I have to admit though, that ordering a heavy winter parka on the hottest day of the year made me feel extremely silly. But in a few months when I am breaking out my ski gear again and getting ready to hit the slopes, I know I will be happy that on June 11th I purchased this warm jacket!

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