Round and Round

Yesterday was planned around doing my errands, a doctor’s appointment, and grocery shopping. Sounds simple enough, but when you have the start of “Motorcycle Week” up here, you soon find yourself stuck in long lines of traffic behind motorcycles, motor homes and well, tons of cars.
I’m not a traffic person. However, I knew before I left home that I had all of this to deal with and I was prepared with several great CD’s of “singing loudly” type of music. (This is the stuff I play only when I am alone, so I can sing and no one can hear me!)

So I did the Post Office stop, paid our taxes, and headed for the shop I had gotten the new bath mats from. (A JC Penney Catalog Store) I get to within a mile of that shop and what do I find besides traffic? The town, in their great wisdom is resurfacing the road! It took me nearly 15 minutes to get through all of that. I would like to meet the genius who planned that “little” job for Motorcycle Week!
I dropped off the mats and spoke to the nice woman there explaining that I had ordered another color of mats because these were so hideous. She agreed that these were hideous, and took my cell phone number in the event the mats came in while I was out finishing up my errands.
I went to my doctor’s appointment, had the usual jokingly good time waiting for the slowest elevator, (which I have mentioned in previous posts) and then I was off to shop for food.
However, as I drove by my favorite shoe shop, I was drawn in. I must have tried on a dozen pair of sneakers before finding the most comfortable pair. I have such trouble with shoes. So much so, that my last pair of sneakers were purchased 2 years ago!
On to the food store, where I loaded up on groceries. A couple of Lobster’s crawled into my cart, along with some corn on the cob, before I called Hubby to get his list of “needs”.
I drove home, through unbelievable traffic, and arrived about 3:30. I was so beat. I made myself a fresh cup of coffee while I put all the food away. My fanny had no sooner hit the chair when the phone rang…
“your bath mats are in” chimed a merry voice.
Growl, growl, growl!!!
So off I drove back down through traffic, and repaving to the catalog store. Yes, the color of these are much nicer and will work. Back in car and off I go in the direction of home.
Have you ever noticed that the people with the nicest cars, (in this case a convertible BMW sports car) don’t know how to drive them? This chick was the worst driver. She spent most of the time on the phone yack, yack, yacking, and driving anywhere from 20 miles an hour to 45 miles an hour. Not even my scream/sing CD could help me handle this. Such a beautiful car wasted on this stupid woman!
As predicted the traffic was horrible. I wound up cutting through my hairdressers parking lot, taking a short cut over to another road I know and then slipping down the back way to my house.
By the time I got home, I told Hubby, that I was simply NOT going out again for anything until this Motorcycle Week was over and everyone goes home.

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  1. Crap! I forgot to tell you my friend Pat’s up there today, they’re looking at some property close by your house…an older home I think she said? It’s got a view of the same lake you do…

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