Friday Questions

1. What is the most recent lie you told?

That my friend’s Lab will calm down soon. LOL

2. You’re drawing up your will. What possessions do you will to whom and why?

You’re asking this before I go under the knife? Most everything goes to my daughter and step daughter and my grand’s. ‘Nuff said

3. What’s missing in your life? What one thing would make your life complete?


4. What do you live in denial about?

That my parents actually love me for myself.

5. What phobias have you struggled with?

rodents, spiders and losing one of the dogs

6. What room in your house best reflects your personality?

My kitchen. It’s big, has room for cooking, and eating and sharing.

7. What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?

make coffee, read e-mail and write all before 7 AM

8. When you need to confront someone, how do you tend to do it? In person, over email, on the phone or by letter?

I am so bad at this. I don’t do confrontation well. Usually I’ll ignore it until I simply can’t. Then I’ll do it by phone. No paper trail.

9. Whats one thing about you that would suprise most people that know you? [Thanks Loo!]

That I am profoundly shy. No one believes me. Yet, inside I am always a basket case when I am with a lot of people. Maybe this is one for the phobia question too

2 thoughts on “Friday Questions”

  1. I love your kitchen!!! It’s so open and airy! And re: #2…I don’t want to be in your will…I just want the original, big witch picture!!! LOL!

  2. I believe the shy part, but I remember the little girl who was stark naked with only a stick on bow in her naval prancing around the living room! LOL!

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