And the storm raged on and on

Last night we got a huge thunder, lightening, and rain storm about 8 o’clock. What a light and sound show! The wind, and rain started like you would not believe, and it was like being caught in a hurricane! Usually these storms rip through the area fairly quickly, but not last night. It went on and on, for about 2 hours!
At one point the front window started leaking, as it hadn’t been shut tightly enough! So there I was trying to open and close the darn thing, sop up the water and not get struck by lightening. (I just have this fatalistic approach to life. If it will happen to anyone, it will happen to me!) Anyway, I had all three dogs in my chair with me, Fritz seemed the most nervous, Shubi just wanted the closeness and I think Greta just didn’t want to be left out!
The funniest part was when I wanted to go to bed. I knew the dogs all needed to be walked and yet, they weren’t going out in THAT. So off came my slippers and socks and on came my raincoat, and out we all went. They all performed well and you should have seen me move fast, when another clap of thunder struck! Two steps and I was in the house!

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