4 Dog Night

Yesterday in the late afternoon a Friend from up “north” arrived with his 15 month old Labradore, Sammy for a visit. He is looking to buy a place in this area and was down looking around. He had camped out the night before, and due to the wet spring found himself nearly carried off by the mosquito’s! So he was on his way home.
Well, you know how that goes. The dogs get playing, beers are drunk and then dinner served and more beer flows and before you know it, certain people are over their limit for a three hour drive. Not a problem, I explain. This is a “dog friendly” house.
Thunder storm sets in! The skies open and the rain pours down!

Sammy is 15 months old. The same age as Greta. But being a Labradore, he has more energy then any ADHD child with no medications on board. The boy was literally bouncing off of walls! I watched for a while, a little nervous that he might hurt one of the girls, after all they are small with those long fragile backs, but they did just fine.
You see, Alpha Dog Greta got right in his face and made the meanest, snarling-est, growl bark, snapped at him and set him in his place! After that, Sammy was easily handled, by Greta!
We stayed up talking for a long time, and then I had to go to sleep. My three get me up so early that by ten o’clock I am good for nothing!
As I lay in bed with Greta, Shubi and Fritz I couldn’t help but think how “perfect” Fritz is. Haha!! Fritz is calm, likes to sit for long stretches of time and just chill, and just doesn’t bounce off of walls. I drifted off feeling that Fritz really was a fantastic boy.
This morning, we were all up early. After breakfast, Hubby and Friend left me alone with all four dogs (!) and went out to scope the area for real estate. They were gone for 2 hours. I was a tad nervous at first, but I turned on BBC America and sat with the squirt bottle and tamed the beasts. Next thing I know, they are all asleep and quiet. How’d that happen?
The dogs remained like this until they heard Hubby and Friend return, then they started acting wild and crazy again.
Sammy and Friend have now gone back to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, and we are all catching our breath and relaxing, enjoying another hot and sunny day.

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