Behind those eyes

Sometimes when I look at Greta I wonder what she is thinking behind those eyes.
May 3 008.jpg
She will be sitting there quietly, and I’ll look over and see her watching me. And I can almost read her mind, but not quite.
This is a little girl who loves life and all it has to offer. She follows me around the house and even when I am in the shower, she waits by the shower door. She listens so intently to the children playing at the beach below us and her head and eyes tell me that she is taking in ever word, every sound that she hears.
She plays with wild abandon. Gently and easily with Shubi and fiercely and rather crazily with Fritz, who is quite intimidated by her. She runs the length of the back yard to catch a ball, and then sits holding it waiting…
June 1 009.jpg
I’m in awe of this little girl, for she is such a surprise to me. I had expected that I would never be as crazy for another dog as I am for Shubi, and yet, I am totally lost in love with this little being.

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  1. That’s totally how I feel with Gizmo, I never thought I would feel the same way about another doggie when Felisha left me.

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