Happiness & Gratitude

It’s really wonderful when you meet a really nice person, who is willing to help you out with something important, and while speaking with this person, you realize how very much you have in common, and how happy you are to have met. Yvette was such a kind woman, who really wanted to help, and spent some of her own time today making sure at least part of my problem was taken care of.

You see, Monday found me with another problem with my PICC line. I needed to get an ultra sound done on the arm to see if there was a clot in the blood vessel.

There is and I need a new line, and so everyone, from my visiting nurse, to my doctor in Boston worked to get my local GP to write the order.

Hubby and I were informed by GP (here in New Hampshire) that he wouldn’t write the order. If I needed the new PICC line I could go to Boston. He did say however, if he spoke to the Boston Doctor, he would consider writing the order. But after he spoke to her, he still refused to write the order. So at 3:50 PM on Monday afternoon, I had no one to help me and nothing to do.

I would not give up. Now the really nice person (mentioned above), called his office and arranged for me to get a normal IV which I can use until Thursday, when Hubby will drive me to Boston to get my new PICC line put in.

But the really nice thing was meeting the Nurse, Yvette. A dachshund lover since her youth, she loved flipping through the pictures of the dachshunds and Lili and I even pulled up my Flickr Pictures, so she could see the baby pictures of Anneliese’s litter of four puppies. Oh, I love cell phones which allow you to show off your children, grandchildren, puppies and babies of all shaped and sizes!

Yvette was the highlight of my day. She helped to get an IV into me so I could continue to get my antibiotics infused, uninterrupted, and talking with her, was like talking to an old friend.

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  1. I read your last posts, my poor girl how awful the last weeks were for you and through what you had to go ! You are very brave and seem to fight and not let you down. Your recovery will certainly be long, but at least now it’s recovery. Take your time ! Nobody is irreplaceable ! Wish you all the best !

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