Memorial Day Thoughts

My husband is a Vietnam Veteran. You know, the unpopular war. Wait, most wars are unpopular, but the Vietnam War found many young Americans treating the returning military abominably. So it was with Hubby.

He served his Country proudly. he made many sacrifices. He was out of the country for over a year. His plane was shot at. He had friends that died. It was a tough time, but he did it because he believes in our Country. As did the men and women, so many of them that did not come home.

Army medals

I was not married to him then. I was just a wee bairn. I am grateful I did not know him then. I am not sure I could have taken him being there at that time. During the Vietnam War, there was no Skype, just Ham Radio Operators who occasionally put a call through Stateside.


He did come home, to a country of hostile people. But thank you to God, for bringing him back.

Now he is having health problems directly related to his service in Vietnam. The VA is helping with his healthcare, but the toll that the war, so long ago, took on his health, is very sad to see.

My point today is to always appreciate the military that serve our country. They are your fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts.

May this Memorial Day be a day of reflection, when one considers the sacrifices made by these men and women in service to our country.

To those who came home, and to those who did not.

God bless them all.

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