It’s All In The Details

Give me a list and I do just fine. In fact, better than fine. I can accomplish great things. Yesterday Dr. W.’s secretary gave me a list of things I would need to obtain before the surgery. At 9 AM this morning I proceeded to call the doctor who performed the original cataract surgery. I needed to obtain all my records from his office and have them faxed to Dr. W. Of course they needed me to fax them a letter of release. Within 10 minutes I had this done. Whatever did we do before fax machines? Used snail mail I guess.
The next item on my lift is a rather lengthy process of getting a first class physical with my favorite General Practitioner. However, I also need blood work and because of my advancing age, (cough, cough) I actually need an EKG! This is a first.
I arrived at my GP’s office and went up to his secretary’s window and she greeted me.
“Hi!” she said brightly.
“Hi, I’m Tricky!” I smiled and laughed.
“Well, hello Tricky how can I help you?”
She scheduled everything for me and actually had me back out the door in record time.
Then it was off for my monthly visit to the fountain of youth. After nearly 5 years of going to a hairdresser I liked personally, but kept messing up my hair, (you do all remember the ultra short cut back in February?) I have left her and found a new woman. She is a very talented person and I like her work. Still it was hard to make the change.
These fountain of youth visits are taking longer and longer as I get older and older, but I still made it home before the storms arrived.
These were the kind of thunder storms that shake your house and get the dogs looking at you with those questioning eyes that say, “Is this the end of the world?”
The storms have passed now and the sun is setting and I can put my feet up and relax. My list is completed and all I have to do now is enjoy the summer.
The details will now take care of themselves.

8 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details”

  1. Haha..I like the Hi I’m tricky part! We are supposed to have bad storms tonight with hail..I’m hoping they miss us! Way to go on getting your list done. How is Hubby doing? You haven’t put up an update lately!

  2. I like lists too. I have about 14 of them going right now. LOL! Anyway add visit CT. to a list somewhere so we’ll get in a visit soon.

  3. dang thunderstorms passed us by…i heard about 6 good rumblings and that was it. poop!

    Funny…I was giving out nicknames to people at work yesterday. There was Princess Dink, Hummingbird, and now…you’re Tricky! Love it!

    What’s mine?

  4. Look at you, Miss Go-Getter! Crossing all this stuff off of your list.

    I too just recently left my hair lady. She did a good job for years and years, and even did my hair for my wedding. But, for the last year or so I just wasn’t happy with her work.

  5. I’m so glad you’re finally finding a solution to the eye problem. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not listened to. Hope everything goes well on 22nd August.

    As for hair cuts, I know what that’s like! It’s hard to find a good youth maker. But once found they become addictive heheh.

  6. There’s a reason why they say doctors are practicing … but I do miss the more cautious and billing-oriented practices of US doctors.

    German doctors, for example, typically don’t take your blood pressure on an office visit unless you present a specific complaint that points to it, so it can easily remain the silent killer here until it is too late. As for certain heart & cancer screenings, if you don’t specifically ask for them or present symptoms that might suggest them, these screenings also do not happen.

    I’m glad to hear you have found a good eye doctor who seems to know what is going on. I hope it continues to move forward so smoothly.

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