Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Boston Driving Is Not For A Country Mouse Like Me

1. Since they are still working on “The Big Dig” everything is a mess.
2. The signs telling you which exit to take get you in one lane and then end, not giving you enough time to actually get over to your exit.
3. Signs that just do not make sense! I wanted to scream!
4. No one actually seems to know where they are going.
5. The pot holes are literally the pits!
6. Double parking. Bad!
7. There was a policeman who followed us all over the city and I swear to God, was as lost as we were!
8. People cut you off and I wondered, do they care about their car?
9. People just walked in front of your car. (while it’s moving!)
10. Traffic going from zero to 70 mph and back to zero in the blink of an eye!
11. Street signs that are either nonexistent or really small.
12. Previously open roads, are now closed due to the “Big Dig” construction.
13. Narrow lanes due to construction. I just knew we were going to be side-swiped!

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. #8 what I always think is “You have much more confidence in my driving and awareness than you should.”

    Good list…scary driving…:-)

  2. 4 – Its true no one really does no where they are going, but we all get where we need to be sooner or later!

    8 – When you live in Boston it is best NOT to car about your car!

  3. I enjoyed your list. I was laughing. It’s like driving in Chicago or the Twin Cities (MN) it sounds the exact same. It’s so frustrating!!!!

  4. Wow, sounds like driving in Detroit! I simply loathe construction…you think in this day & age they’d figure out a way to make it right the first time!

    Stop by my TT!

  5. I hear you! #10 and #13 drive me crazy. Another thing I can’t stand are peple who speed, ut you off, then end up stopping at a red light! LOL at the lost cop!Thanks for visiting my TT! Have a great weekend!

  6. Icky! I don’t think I would like driving in Boston. I have an absolutely horrid sense of direction so I would, no doubt, get lost repeatedly!

    Thank you for visiting my list!

  7. Hi Mom,

    Just moved into my first official office!!! Weeeeehoooo!! I’m so excited! My stuff is all moved in, and now I’m just getting set up! Wanted to share my excitement. Hope you are having a nice day!


  8. My goodness, I’m a pretty confident driver but I don’t think I’d like to drive there either! Thanks for visiting The Pink Diary!

  9. We first visited Boston in 1977, and thought a street map looked like a plate of spilled spaghetti. Can’t imagine what it must be now.

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

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