Thank You, Dr. Chapman

My TBT this week looks back to Christmas 2002. Two days after Christmas my retina detached in my left eye, leaving me totally blind in that eye. I drove myself to the hospital because Jack wasn’t home. 46 miles in my trusty Jeep over to Dartmouth Hitchcock. It’s amazing what one can do with one eye!

I saw my usual Optometrist, who examined my eye and called his colleague, Dr. Chapman, to come take a look. Dr. Chapman was a Retinal Surgeon, and he examined the eye and told me to wait a moment, then he came back and at 4:15 that afternoon, he scheduled my surgery.

After a cursory physical, I was wheeled into surgery, not knowing if I would regain my sight or not

MB's eye patch

Me in the hospital after my first retinal detachment. I remember being very afraid, until they took off the bandage, and I could see some light.


little shot

The photo above was a few days after the first surgery. I looked like I had been in a boxing match!

It was quite an ordeal, and for those of you who may be new to my blog, I have had retinal detachments in both eyes, cataract surgery in both eyes, lens replacement, and then 6 surgeries in my left eye to clear the vision. My eyes, simply put, have been beat up a bit with all the cutting and stitching. However, I am so grateful to the talented surgeon I had, who never gave up on me.


And in the end, it was Dr. Chapman who saw me through it all.

Why am I writing about this today? Well, after all these years, Dr. Chapman has moved his practice to another state. Although I never had a chance to say goodbye, I will be writing to him to thank him for all that he did for me.

I am so fortunate! How do you thank someone who saved your vision? I can see Savannah and Quinn. I can do so many wonderful things because my vision was restored! And this year when I got my driver’s license renewed, I didn’t need my glasses to pass the vision test!

Yes I will be thankful all the days of my life to this wonderful doctor. He never gave up, and was always fighting for my vision. How very grateful I am!

Thank you Dr. Chapman!

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