The Friday Five

This past week has been full of many wonderful things. Plus I got a lot done. There was only one small wrinkle, and even that did not make me upset for too long, and now I can actually laugh about it. So, here goes.

  1. I got an email announcing a big sale at Talbot’s. I love their clothes, and so I planned a shopping trip to their Outlet Store, where things are even more of a deal. I got two pairs of much needed dress pants, one pair of jeans, a dressy pencil skirt, and the cutest summer silk top and spent just over $100.00! And I look marvelous!
  2. I had a great lunch with my friend Barbie on Wednesday. I had not seen her since she moved to Florida, but here we were talking away, like we had just seen each other yesterday! Friendships are a wonderful thing!
  3. On my way home from the luncheon, I stopped at BJ’s for gas. I was inline and the man in front of me, decided not to pull forward to the pump in front. I do not know why, he just stopped at the first pump, got out and started to pump his gas. So, I pulled around him, and tried to get as close as possible to the pump. I even pulled forward and then backed up a couple of times. When I got out of my car to pump my gas, he came rushing toward me, screaming that I had cut in line and that I should drive around and get back in the long line that had formed. I told him that I was next in line, and I was not going to do that. I asked, “Can’t you get by me?” (He was in a very small sports car) and he yelled “Of course I can’t! Move your F…ing car!” Well, I don’t like to be sworn at and I do not like bad manners. “Sir, if you had asked me nicely, I would be more than happy to move my car forward so you can get by.” He swore again. Then I looked at his license plate and saw he was from Massachusetts. (So am I originally, so I can say this with a big smile on my face, as I know wonderful Massachusetts residents can be but also how rotten) “Oh, I know what you are, you are not a gentleman at all, you are a Mass-hole!” I did move my car up slightly and he screeched his tires as he tore out of the gas station. What a total jerk! I was annoyed back then, but I am now laughing about it! (Note to self: The man could have had an AK-47 in his car, so maybe it’s not so good to argue with a stranger at the gas station!)
  4. Jack has another ulcer on his foot. This one is on the toe next to where the other was amputated. It’s pretty advanced. The strange part was that it came on very fast. I have now put my nurses cap back on, for more devoted care of his foot.
  5. Today is bathing dackels day. All three of the dackels need baths. Anneliese most especially, as she is allergic to something, which causes a nasty itch and rash. I used to take them all in the shower with me, but it’s a little tough to do that now, so they are going into the sink! Rub a dub dub, a dackel in the tub!

I hope that you all have a great weekend and that you have something wonderful going on. A local farm stand is having Farm Days on Saturday and we plan to attend! I am hoping for sunshine!

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