National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, so here are my tales of being loved by our dogs.


Top: Arnie & Greta

Bottom: Anneliese and Lili

A year ago, my Vet told me that Greta was not doing well and she wouldn’t make it another year. Guess what? With tender love, and care, Greta, age 13 and a half, is still here and having a good life. She is quieter than she once was, but the joy she shows, each day, brings a smile to my face.

Lili, age 3 years old,  is finally settling down and she has found her place in our home and hearts. Since Jack’s surgery, she now follows him all around the yard, stays right there with him, and if we whistle or call, she races to our side. She also has made a special friend. An 18 month old baby named Estella, who adores her. She stands on our neighbors balcony and calls “Lili, Lili” and Lili races up to her, stopping short and allows Estella to love her! This makes me so happy!

Anneliese age 10 and a half, is healthy and after her disagreement with Greta two years ago, Anneliese has finally found her way back into our bed. She sleeps cuddled up next to my belly and I feel so very loved! She is also sitting in my chair again and all is right in her world. She just had to learn that for always and forever, Greta is the Alpha Dog in this house!

Arnie, also 10 and a half,  is Jack’s car buddy. He goes everywhere with Jack. To the bank, to McDonald’s, to the Post Office, and the Liquor Store. Everyone knows Arnie and they all adore him. I woke in the night to find Arnie cuddled up to me with his head on my pillow. He is full of jokes and fun. What a great dog boy he is!

People often tell me that they don’t like animals. I tell them that they are missing out on one of life’s greatest gifts. The ability to be loved unconditionally by an animal. My dogs are always happy to see me, whether I have been gone 5 minutes or 5 days! I am so blessed to share each and every day with these wonderful pups!

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  1. Love hearing about your dogs. We lost my baby girl , Kylie in April just shy of her 15th birthday. Hardest thing I have been thru. Nothing like the love of a dog.

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