The Funny (?) and the Cute

One must ask if things are actually as funny as you think they are, when you are under the influence of drugs? I was simply cracking myself up in the pre-op area while I waited to go in for eye surgery this morning.

The nurse was asking Hubby if he had the “security code” for me. After all, she told Hubby, they won’t tell you a thing without that code.
“Weird”, I said, “He married me for better or worse, in sickness and in health, but without that security code, he might as well be a stranger!”

“How much medication do you want for this procedure?” asked the Anesthesiologist.
“How much do you have?” I chirped, “I’d rather not remember anything”
Good news, I didn’t!

“Have you had any surgery before?” asked the young unknowing nurses aide.
Glancing at my file that is now 5 inches thick, I replied, “Oh, once or twice.”

The nurse and the nurse anesthetist came in to take me to the operating room.
“When was the last time you went to the bathroom?” asked the nurse.
“A few minutes ago.” I answered.
“Well, I think you should go again. Just to be sure.” she says.
“Yes, Mom.” I answered and we all cracked up.

The Cute

We brought the pups with us because we knew they would need to be walked during our time away from home. It was a cool 50 degrees here, so they were fine in the car.. While I was in surgery, Hubby went out to walk the dogs. He got Greta and Fritz on their leads and just put Shubi down as she will stay with him and doesn’t wander off. Well, this little Mama’s girl had watched me go into the big bad hospital and she was going in to rescue me! Off she ran toward the door! A nice gentleman saw her and grabbed her and returned her to a startled Hubby.
Later when I came out to the car I must tell you Shubi was one happy girl. She snuggled up in my lap and just stayed there the entire (1 1/2 hour) trip home.

2 thoughts on “The Funny (?) and the Cute”

  1. I loved both little stories! LOL That Shubi is loyal! What a sweetie! What you don’t know is I have implanted a receiver in her ear so can transmit ideas to her and I sent her to save you! Ha Ha!!!!! Glad things went well and I love you! Mel

  2. Glad to hear everything went well. Felisha never needed a leash she never wandered off. Unless of course she saw a squirrel.

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